What is Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is a relatively new engineering process used during the design phase of projects. Due to the inaccuracy of most utility records, this new method became a reliable way to locate utilities on different levels. This method allows for less design adjustments and more accurate cost estimations.

Earth View uses existing records and drawings to determine a baseline of information, and can provide all levels of locating depending on the client’s demands.

SUE Quality Levels of Service

  • Quality Level A – Utility Locating & Designation
    • Level A offers the most complete and consistent data during final design decisions. Provides visual verification and precise three-dimensional horizontal and vertical mapping of underground utilities and related structures.
  • Quality Level B – Utility Designation
    • Used during the preliminary design phase. Level B designates the existence and horizontal location of utilities within a project area, results in two-dimensional mapping information.
  • Quality Level C – Visible Features
    • Supplements existing utility records with a above-ground survey of utility facilities.
  • Quality Level D – Basic Records Review
    • Pre-design stage based primarily on existing utility records and drawings.